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Two new frames

Frame 1
Here are sample images of my two new frames.
You see them both below.

Click on the image you want (2 times for largest size)
Save on your computer.
They are in PNG so you can easily add your photo under to get a nice framing.
The frames can be reduced to a smaller size if you want.

Frame 2
Frame 1
Vintage roses and ornaments.
Size 831*544 pixlar
 Frame 2
Size 831*544 pixlar

Free Texture "Rain"

Hello! Today's texture is called "Rain,"
I hope it will not be so much of it this summer ;)) but anyway ....
the texture gives a soft, smooth and toned effect on your images.
Here below you get step by step how to create the effect.

 I hope you test and have fun with it :))
Hugs Linnea
 This is my original photo on which I shall add the effect.

Here I have layed the texture on my photo and reduced the opacity to 26 %.
So my photo can be seen through the layer of texture.
I chose 26%, but you can test until you reach that suits you.

To make my light in the photo appear more clearly,
I have erased in the layer with the texture over the light.
Experiment until you get a good balance with the rest of the photo.
Then I added extra sharpness over the light in the layer with my photography.

Last of all, I put together both layers
and used the tool "shadow" (Photoshop) to get a lighter vignetting around the image.
You are now ready to save your image :)

I've used Photoshop to edit my image,
but there are certainly several other photo software to do this in,
even if the steps may be different from my description.

Here is the texture "Rain"
Important: Click on the image you see here, then again.
Now you have the highest possible magnification. 5184px * 3456px.

Vintage Photo Frame

Free Vintage Frame with old pictures.
This one is 600 px wide and fits in your blog,
if you can use this size of images in your blog posts.

Do this:
Click on the image and save (Image is in PNG)
You place your image under the template,
and make sure that it fits in correct size under the transparent box.
Save the image and upload to your blog.

I appreciate if you link to my blog;
but it is not required.

Enjoy and use

Old frame with stars.

This is a collage for three photographs

1. Save the image of the frames in PNG. (First you click on them to enlarge, and after that one more click to get the largest size).
2. Choose three of your photographs and place them in respective frame.
3. Put them under the frame and make sure they fit, so nothing of the photograph can be seen outside the frames.
4. Save.
Note: If you want a transparent background, you should save in PNG.

Feel free to use this frames,
and I ♥ a link back to Do Photo Art

Save in PNG and enlarge before saving.

A very girly frame

Save in PNG, (enlarge by clicking on the image).
A cute frame with flowers and butterflies,
the butterfly comes from
the wonderful Antique Images.

* Save the frame in PNG (don´t forget to click up to maximum magnification first).
* Then you simply place your photograph on the frame and fit it to size.

Broken photo

Today I give you a "broken background" to your photos. I've seen this kind of photos on some blogs. Quite a nice effect, especially if you make several and place them carelessly on each other. Make several and tell a story with them, for example, travel memories.

Save this image in PNG.
Click on the image
and save in the largest size.

1. White frame/background. Save the image you see here on the left in PNG.
2. Choose one of your photos.
3. Place your photo on the top of the white background. Save a white frame on all sides without on the photos top.
4. When this is done you place your photo under the white background. Don´t change the photo's position. Erase the visible part of your photo, and a little bit down under the white background.
5. Now it looks like this.
6. Now you place your photo back over the white background. And, oh yes, now you have a broken photo. Save your work.

There are certainly more ways to do this .... this mine. I hope I have succeeded in explaining this in an understandable way, "and in understandable English," as well. I do my best "Smiles".

How to use textures

Hi everybody, today we'll talk about textures. You know, those that gives your photos a shimmer. They can be like structures, soft, patterned or colored .... If you ask me, I'm really fond of them. If you choose the right texture, it can lift a mediocre photo to a masterpiece.

Here is my recipe for what to do, there are certainly several ways, but this is mine. Get started by choose a photo that you want to give a little extra. At the beginning it might be good with a photo that has a simple subject in the middle, to practice on. For example, a flower. Do you want to use my texture, click here.

Okay, let's get started .....

1, Your original Photo.
2, A Texture.
3, Add the Texture over the Photo and drag down the opacity.
4, Fit together Photo and Texture so they have the same size.
5, Now you can be ready and save your work....or....
6; erase on the layer with the texture over your subject, to get your subject come out clearer. Do this in small steps, to avoid sharp edges. Because, here you want your subject and background to flow together.

Now, you have made ​​your masterpiece, save and enjoy. And you know, if it doesn´t work the first time, practise a little and you will succeed the next time.